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About Us


Oncologize provides a direct link between the biotech companies and veterinary oncologists within the United States

Oncologize is a consultancy company designed to aid  companies in the awareness and commercialization of new products within the veterinary oncology field. Oncologize will work with veterinary oncologists across the country, promoting synergistic products provided by a select group of clients. By sharing resources,  companies will be able to promote direct to their target market in a unique, cost-efficient way. Oncologists get an opportunity to discuss the data for several products, and how best to incorporate them into their clinic.


Business Model

The aim of Oncologize is to cover the majority of the United States visiting up to 80% of US veterinary oncologists in a 12 month cycle. Building upon established business relationships, a client's message is delivered in a personal and professional way direct to the end user. Oncologists benefit from having the opportunity to learn about new technologies and how they are being utilized by their friends and colleagues.


Product Development and Commercialization

Oncologize has experience in the development of both drugs and diagnostics, from early stage phase one research through to end stage marketing and ultimately sales. We can tailor a package of advice and guidance for individual projects to suit your specific needs. 

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